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Welcome to Cultivation Space 

We are a group of Cultivators, contractors, and master Growers combining Our talents to bring you efficient, high-quality grow spaces tailored specifically to You!

About us at

Cultivation Space

The Cultivation Space Team

Is a group of Cultivators, Contractors, and Master Growers combining their talents to bring you efficient, high-quality grow spaces tailored to you! 


We offer a practical approach to Indoor/Outdoor garden design, construction, and operation. To create profitable, and compliant facilities. For both private and commercial Horticultural activities.  

Get home grow consulting — at your home — with confidence! Cultivation Space Consultants are proud to offer indoor Gardening consultation to assist you with design, planning, purchasing, set-up, troubleshooting, plant health, and gardening systems. From smaller grow tent home grows, to custom grow room designs and build-outs, greenhouse ventures, and planning or refining your gardening systems. Our Cultivation consultants can make your home grow dreams come true!  


Our Cultivation Services

Grow Space Design PA

Design Services

Our Design Services deliver a full deck of all the essential information on your future cultivation site. This package includes everything needed to appeal to Investment groups, or partners.Read More

Grow Room Design PA

Grow Room Build/Set-up

There is no need to outsource your Garden/Grow construction or equipment to other contractors. Continue to utilize our team to carefully execute your design and successfully bring it to life. 

Cultivation Management PA

Cultivation Management and Support

Your Grow is only as good as your product.Along with helping you create superior products that your family or customers will love. We can also continuously manage/supervise your cultivation operations

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