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Cultivation Management and Support

Cultivation Management PA


Your Grow is only as good as your product. We develop cultivation operations and procedures to ensure your Grow operation consistently produces a high-quality product. If you plan to manufacture or produce infused products, we also have experience with deploying manufacturing processes for these unique offerings. 


Our experienced growers provide a detailed plan to reap the largest and highest quality yields possible. Caretakers can also be provided to work the grow if you choose to contract out for labor, or simply need a hand. We will compile a selection of skilled and qualified workers to sort through and help build your staff. 



Troubleshooting growing problems alone can be disastrous. There are often many moving variables in your garden, especially as your home grow gets bigger and more complex. Troubleshooting alone is no fun. Without experience or an experienced person present, troubleshooting pest, disease, and treatment can not only be a pain, but also hazardous to your grow! 

Have no fear, Our Cultivators will help you troubleshoot your Garden’s/Gardener's issues— and offer practical and easy to follow solutions! With Cultivation Space Consultants on your side you won’t have to struggle alone, or fear losing your harvest!



We have Contractors, Consultants and Master Growers on hand combining their talents to build efficient and high yielding grow spaces. Yield numbers are extremely subjective however, so we are constantly testing new methods and technology to stay on the cutting edge of the horticulture industry. Our services include all aspects of horticultural growth and processing, from obtaining, constructing,  or renovating a suitable space all the way to finished product. We can also improve your current grow through our consultants for higher yields and lower operating costs. 

Along with helping you create superior products that your family or customers will love. We can also continuously manage your cultivation operations to make sure they are running efficiently.



We take sustainability, long-term operational cost and growth opportunities into key considerations. With a focus on product quality and a drive towards efficiency and sustainability, We are building the next generation cultivation facilities through our Indoor Horticultural Consulting division. Our Construction Management and Facility Deployment services include: 

  • Cultivation Facility Design 

  • Construction Management 

  • Cultivation Facility Equipment List 

  • Cultivation Facility Equipment Sourcing 

  • Standard Operating Procedures: Cultivation SOPs / as well as Manufacturing and Processing SOPs along with cleaning/sterilization SOPs 

  • Garden Staffing Solutions 

  • Deployment of Cultivation Operations 

  • Deployment of Manufacturing/Production Operations 

  • As well as Regulatory Compliance and Inspections 


If you don’t need our construction services, we can provide professional and experienced knowledge through many different mediums. We staff almost every kind of grow expert, some have decades of experience in this field. 

Our Design Services deliver a full deck of all the essential information on your future cultivation site. This package includes everything needed to appeal to partners. To aid you in getting your project off the ground, we do full equipment/automation specifications

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