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Grassy Field


Garden design, buildout, as well as management. 

Grow Space Design PA

  Too many companies are taking advantage of the 'Green Rush' and charging exorbitant prices for their services. Many push their clients in directions which aren't sustainable. Or even operable based on the gardeners knowledge, and preferred style of growing.


We bring a custom tailored approach to every client, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Gardening/Grow facilities. Hearing out your ideas, guiding them, and bringing them to fruition is our passion. What separates us from other contractors/consultants is our experience, honesty, and client satisfaction. We know just how tough these times are, and have been, for everyone. We want to see You succeed in this endeavor! Whether you're a hobbyist, or looking to start a commercial operation we've got you covered.


We offer grow room design services so that you can grow ANY form of plant life in a completely sealed, safe and optimized environment. By taking a practical approach to Indoor/Outdoor garden design, construction, and operation. We help create profitable, and compliant facilities. For both private and commercial Horticultural activities.


We are able to lead your design, or be your sounding board. Clients will learn about each aspect of our recommendation so they are empowered to make informed decisions about their Home Grow. We will also help you explore security options, app-controlled video surveillance, and use of automated feeding, watering, CO2 and harvesting systems.


All of our gardens are designed with optimal process-based workflow, state-of-the-art site security, bio-security, and optimal layouts that convert all usable space into product or revenue producing machines. Offering complete Grow space/facility design. We help Growers build functional, sustainable operations sized to address their demand or that of their market. A design Can be drafted for you within 72 hours of our initial appraisal of the space you plan to use (or you can provide us dimensions if you prefer we not enter your space).


We can recommend the most efficient, highest yielding options for your area based on our years of experience in construction and cultivation. Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Organic/Living Soil, Vertical Growing... The choice is yours! We can work with any sized grow space, from warehouses down to a closet garden. We guarantee an efficient, high quality, easy to use grow space. Based specifically on your knowledge, experience, space to grow, and most importantly your Budget. Don't just take it for face value, reach out to us with some information and our team will get back to you about scheduling a consultation to get you started!


Our Design Services deliver a full deck of all the essential information on your future cultivation site. This package includes everything needed to appeal for Investment, or partners. To aid you in getting your project off the ground, we do full architectural designs, and equipment/automation specifications.

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