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We offer Grow Room Design, Build-out, and Management Services to all Cities and States within a 250 mile radius surrounding Pittsburgh PA. You should check with your state as well as local laws and regulations to make sure that the Plants/Fungi you intend to Cultivate are LEGAL in Your area.

Although Medical Cannabis Cultivation is still ILLEGAL for Patients in the state of PA. It IS still perfectly LEGAL to build a Grow Room or Cultivation Space, as well as to Use it to Grow a vast array of Plants from beautiful Flowers to Fresh, Home Grown, Pest/Pesticide free, Veggies and Herbs for you and your family. All while Honing in and Perfecting your Indoor Gardening Skills in preparation for the soon to come legislation providing Patients in Pennsylvania the ability to Cultivate their own Quality Medicine at Home.


Furthermore, we design, obtain parts and equipment, as well as build/set up indoor, outdoor, and urban Cultivation spaces.

We do not offer cannabis, cannabis plants, or any other Cannabis products.

We engage into Non-Disclosure Agreements with our customers for the purpose of theirs as well as our own safety and security. As some Cultivation equipment as well as cultivars themselves can have a high monetary value and also varying legality in certain states and areas.

We will provide you Advice and Tele-support on your Garden regardless of its contents or the legality of such. As You Cultivate at your own risk in an area where the law does not allow.

We do not condone the breaking of any laws, We do not condone the Illegal cultivation of restricted Plants, Cacti, Fungi, or the manufacturing of illegal substances in any way.

We Do provide High Quality, Easy to control, Automated Grow Rooms/Greenhouses. What you choose to Use the build for is your business. As well as your risk.

Our “Cultivation Management” services only apply to Legal Gardens. If you are cultivating Illegally or Unlicensed in your area we cannot provide you with any form of Hands On Gardening Management or support. If your Plants/Fungi are Legal in your area. You will receive an estimate for Our Hands On support based on the Size and detail of the project.

Compliance with The Medical Marijuana Act

We are available to advise clients involved in all facets of Pennsylvania’s, as well as some others, medical marijuana economy with respect to compliance under the Medical Marijuana Act, Or another states passed legislation, From covered conditions and prescription limitations to advertising restrictions, there is plenty you need to know.

  • Medical and recreational marijuana entrepreneurs

  • Cannabis growers, processors, and dispensers

  • Established medical marijuana organizations

  • Patients

  • Caregivers

If you have questions about complying with the Medical Marijuana Act, or your states legislation respectively, we are happy to take some time to chat with you and walk you through the pertinent requirements.


*Please be mindful that possessing, using, distributing and/or selling marijuana is a federal crime, and no advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law nor will it provide any guidance or assistance in complying with federal law. Please also note that we are not advising you regarding the federal, state or local tax consequences of engaging in any business in this industry.

Information on this page is specific to Pennsylvania (PA) state law. It is important for you to know that medical marijuana laws vary from state to state, and are subject to change.

  • If you reside in New Jersey, please visit the New Jersey Department of Health website for more information.

  • If you reside in Delaware, please visit the Delaware Health and Social Services website for more information. 

  • If you reside in Ohio, please visit the Ohio Department of Health website for more information.

  • If you reside in West Virginia, please visit the WV Department of Health website for more information.

  • If you reside in Maryland, please visit the Maryland Department of Health website for more information.

  • If you reside in Virginia, please visit the Virginia Department of Health website for more information.

  • You can also call your state’s Department of Health to learn more about state specific medical marijuana laws.

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