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About Us

We are a group of Cultivators, contractors, and master growers combining their talents to bring you efficient, high-quality grow spaces tailored to you! 


We offer a practical approach to Indoor/Outdoor garden design, construction, and operation. To create profitable, and compliant facilities. For both private and commercial Horticultural activities.  



Get Cultivation Space consulting — at your home — with confidence! Our Consultants are proud to offer indoor Gardening consultation to assist you with design, planning, purchasing, set-up, troubleshooting, plant health, and gardening systems. From smaller grow tent home grows, to custom grow room designs and build-outs, greenhouse ventures, and planning or refining your gardening systems. Our Cultivation consultants can make your home grow dreams come true!  

About Cultivation Space

Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, in a greenhouse, a grow room, or in grow tents, Cultivation Space Consultants will put you on the right track and train you efficiently and effectively. Our friendly home grow consultants are ready to roll out the green carpet for you!   

Our Mission

Who knows what the world will look like in 50 years time? Our mission is to have a positive impact on cities today! By turning our urban landscapes greener, which are often too dull and Grey. We're here to help our neighbors love growing as much as we do.


From your first visit to every conversation we have following – it's our privilege to be your gardening partners. We built our business on the trust of our customers. We believe that sinking your hands into the earth in anticipation for the promise of tomorrow feeds the soul. We aspire to nurture adventurous gardeners bringing their Dreams and Passions to fruition.


We believe the lessons of the garden carry forward into our daily routines – building patience, gratitude, creativity and trust.

Scientist in Greenhouse

What We Offer


Garden design, Buildout, and Management. 

Electrical, plumbing, and all hardware installations are done by our professionals (from our staff of trusted contractors), up to date on all your local and state coding requirements. 


☆☆Workers are insured and have background checks done, We also require them to sign Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreements to Insure the safety and complete privacy of our clients and their grow spaces.


The latest grow room construction techniques and materials are used at all times.


Cleanliness, attention to detail, respect for your privacy, transparency, and professionalism are standard for anyone on our staff. 


Our craftsmanship has a lifetime guarantee within reason. 

Our experienced growers provide a detailed plan to reap the largest and highest quality yields possible. Caretakers can also be provided to work the grow if you choose to contract out for labor, or simply need a hand. We will compile a selection of skilled and qualified workers to sort through and help build your staff. 

  • Commercial specialists: We can build you a high-yielding operation or improve your current operation for higher yields, lower overhead, and better quality. 

  • Organics: We have a proprietary organic regimen which not only produces higher quality yields. but also can pass CFU testing with no problems. 

  • Vertical growing specialists: Multi-Tier LED or LEC growing can yield up to 3x as much as normal indoor grows, but require a significantly larger initial investment. We have been doing vert growing for a time now, and quite enjoy it.

  • Equipment Discounts: We work with many major equipment distributors and cultivation communities, allowing us to get equipment for significantly less than retail. 

  • CGE/Stealth (Closed Growing Environment) Specialists: Guaranteed to be impermeable to snooping noses and allows complete control of the grow environment. 

  • LED Builds and installations: Fluence, SmartGrow LED, California Lightworks, Mars Hydro, HLG... We can customize your grow to work with any of them. Low heat, low power consumption, excellent light spectrum. There are pros and cons to using LED’s, but we can inform you of them and properly equip you if this is the route you choose. 

Cultivation Space

Get Started

Our grow room builders are experienced with Cultivation contracting work specifically, and apply their experience to maximize your profit and efficiency. 


All facilities are designed by professionals. 


Residential conversions & Handicap accessible designs are available. 

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